Gemstone of the Week: Amethyst

Every week I will do a spotlight on a gemstone available in my shop. This week I will talk about amethyst, the birthstone for those born in February.

The amethyst gemstone beads in my shop come in both a beautiful shade of light and dark purple.

il_fullxfull.589141374_8yj2Other than the beautiful color, some say that amethyst quartz is calming stone that can cultivate peace, balance and intuitive energies.

il_fullxfull.610912747_9walil_fullxfull.781810649_d662I have round amethyst beads available, as well as amethyst chips and a mixture of gemstone bead nuggets as shown above.

Feel free to check out the many other gemstones beads I have available in my shop.

Thank you for reading!

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