Gemstone of the Week: Aventurine

Every week I will do a spotlight on a gemstone available in my shop. This week I will talk about aventurine.

il_fullxfull.571158654_lk7kAventurine is said to be a lucky stone used to cultivate abundance. It eliminates negative thoughts and lets in the positive.

il_fullxfull.603861460_7rvaIt is such a pretty stone; just gazing at it’s light green hue brings a sense of clarity and calmness.il_fullxfull.603995269_rtriI also have aventurine available in other colors. These blue aventurine beads have a glistening effect that comes from small natural inclusions of shiny fuchsite, a mica material.il_fullxfull.667980287_1ln6Here are red aventurine beads. All of these aventurine beads are a form of quartz. Tiny inclusions of other minerals occur naturally within the gemstones to create a subtle shimmer.

I have several different kinds of aventurine beads available in my shop. Take a look HERE.

Thanks for reading!

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