Gemstone of the Week: Agate

Every week I will do a spotlight on a gemstone available in my shop. This week I will talk about agate!il_fullxfull.647943138_5r7lPictured above are bamboo agate beads. Agate comes in many different patterns and colors (both dyed and not). There is a little something for everyone!

Here are some different kinds of Indian agate beads:

il_fullxfull.647420760_3wivI love the mixture of light and dark greens in the beads pictured above. I also have Indian agate beads in different, gorgeous colors.


il_fullxfull.562131868_1e97Also available are agate beads in a lot of fun colors that are great to mix and match!


il_fullxfull.626881388_kfrqLastly, here is one of my favorites: crazy lace agate. I love all of the different colorings and patterns on each bead:

il_fullxfull.654093779_1l79Check out more agate beads HERE in my shop! Thanks for stopping by!

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