Gemstone of the Week: Jasper

Every week I will do a spotlight on a gemstone available in my shop. This week I will talk about jasper!

il_fullxfull.737460994_1eptWhen most people think of jasper they tend to think of a warm, nourishing stone with red tones. The picture above is brecciated jasper in red and grey.

il_fullxfull.709733461_6qvuThe red sesame jasper beads above are similar to brecciated jasper and has lighter red and grey coloring with some translucent quart inclusions.

il_fullxfull.529712971_bneh(Above: Scenery Jasper Beads)

Jasper has been used and worn for protective and decorative purposes for thousands of years around the world. It comes in many other different beautiful colors and designs. Here are some of my favorites:

il_fullxfull.639034887_btlzAutumn jasper beads in cute star shapes.

il_fullxfull.475309414_tsawI love the patterns on these dalmatian jasper beads!

il_fullxfull.595634577_dspsTigerskin jasper chip beads in golden brown.

il_fullxfull.683546569_8zuuOcean jasper stone beads. These ones remind me of tiny planets!

I have many other jasper beads available in my etsy shop. 🙂

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