Gemstone of the Week: Obsidian

Every week I will do a spotlight on a gemstone available in my shop. This week I will talk about obsidian!

Obsidian is a beautiful volcanic glass. I have available in my shop snowflake obsidian and rainbow obsidian:

il_fullxfull.637913251_k8qzGorgeous snowflake obsidian shaped like stars.

il_fullxfull.606845607_eq32The snowflake appearance in this volcanic glass is produced by internal crystallites formed as lava quickly cooled.

il_fullxfull.709247047_ifwuSnowflake obsidian beads in diamond shapes.

il_fullxfull.595185838_1idjRainbow obsidian is a lightweight volcanic glass with iridescent properties, giving it a subtle sheen in sunlight.

I have many other gemstones available in my shop! Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

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