I’m going to switch things up a bit for this week’s post and showcase some of the buttons I’m selling! I absolutely LOVE buttons! They are great for tons of DIY projects like sewing, crafting, and making funky jewelry!

I have both vintage and modern buttons available in my shop!


il_fullxfull.405113861_t98sCute black and white shank buttons!

il_fullxfull.824461035_lj3iIt’s not too late to be thinking about holiday crafting! These cute buttons have images of snowmen, Santa Claus, and reindeer!

il_fullxfull.549493514_jcz7I love these colorful wooden heart beads!

il_fullxfull.776620764_6tnwThese juicy-looking pineapple buttons are adorable and come in a bunch of different colors!


A lot of the vintage buttons available in my shop are still attached to their original cards:

il_fullxfull.523201153_4qa8I love the artwork on these pearl buttons!

il_fullxfull.411495212_6de2Lovely red plastic shank buttons.

il_fullxfull.542497613_bnzoI also offer sets of vintage buttons in a variety of colors! Check out my listings HERE!

Thanks for reading!

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