Summer Clearance Sale!

Hello! I hope you are staying cool this summer! I know it’s warming up quite a bit in my neck of the woods! I just wanted to share with you my huge summer clearance sale in my etsy shop. There are close to 300 beads, charms, and other jewelry supplies to quench your crafting thirst as you enjoy your summer!


Resin beads in dusty purple, now $3.40.


Purple acrylic moon spacer beads, now $2.98.


Magnesite beads in turquoise blue, now $3.83

Check out more items HERE!


Spring 2016

Spring is in full bloom, and so are my allergies! Even though I’m sniffling and sneezing more than usual I do enjoy the green hillsides and the beautiful colors of blossoming flowers (especially those gorgeous cherry blossoms!) I curated a few products from my shop that reminds me of this beautiful season.

Grassy greens:


Imitation morganite stone beads in mottled green, pink and purple. The pinkish purple in these beads reminds me of wildflowers blossoming up on grassy hillsides.


Green fairy cabochons.


Resin flower cabochons in bright green.


Jade green serpentine chip beads.

Wildflower inspiration:


Resin flower beads in pink (also available in other colors).


Agate beads in yellow.


Imitation turquoise beads in rainbow colors.

Thank you for stopping by!

Valentine’s Day

Is it just me, or did January go by really quickly? It seemed only yesterday that the Christmas tree was up and everyone was doing their holiday shopping!

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Luckily there is plenty of time to make something cute for your loved ones!

I’ve got plenty of heart shaped beads, buttons, and trinkets that are sure to make the holiday extra special!


Wood heart buttons in dark brown with hearts and the word love written in white.


I love all of the creative possibilities with these salvaged heart charms!

On the topic of charms, here are some others that I find… charming. 😉


Glass link connector heart charms in red (I have other colors, too!).


Heart coin charms in antiqued brass bronze tone.


Glass heart charms in bright, translucent red.

I have bunches of other beads and buttons great for Valentine’s Day available in my shop!

Thanks for stopping by!

Rainy Day Colors

I am so happy that the rainy season in here in California, especially after the drought we’ve been having!

Grey skies are just as beautiful as clear blue skies. Here are some beads from my shop inspired by the beautiful scenery outside my window.


These blackstone beads remind me of dark storm clouds.


Mashan jade beads in soft grey.


Resin flower cabochons in denim blue.


These magnesite chip beads reminds me of green rain-drenched hillsides and trees.


Black spot feldspar beads in grey.

Now back to enjoying the rainy weather with a blanket and a cup of tea. Thanks for reading!

Newly Listed

I’ve listed a few new beads in my shop. Here are some of my favorites:


White jade beads in pink, white, and green.


White jade beads in blue, green, white, and purple.


Rubberized glass beads in opaque neon green.


Rubberized glass beads in opaque hot pink.

I have more jade and glass beads in different colors available in my shop. I am loving all of the bright colors, especially now that the days are getting darker and drearier. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

Thanksgiving Colors

This week has really started to feel like fall. I love stepping outside and smelling chimney smoke mixed with the crisp, cold air. It is the perfect weather to bundle up and get crafting!

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away (crazy, I know!), and lately I have been inspired by the wonderful browns, greens, and reds this season brings.il_fullxfull.479013086_p8hyDyed jade beads in orange, amber and rust shades.il_fullxfull.475256109_1i17Cute pumpkin charms in an antiqued silver tone.il_fullxfull.667964511_bcf0Magnesite beads in warm orange/amber colors.


Autumn jasper beads in green, rust red, olive, and orange.

I am looking forward to stuffing, pumpkin pie, turkey, and spending time with family this month! 🙂

Salvaged Treasures

I’ve recently listed several salvaged vintage jewelry pieces and and other fun objects in my etsy shop that I find to be wonderfully unique. Salvaged jewelry pieces are great for making one-of-a-kind jewelry designs and other crafty creations. Here are a few of my recent listings:


Salvaged vintage cuff links (both pairs and singles).


Gorgeous vintage enamel earring pairs. 


Salvaged vintage earrings singles in bunches of fun colors and designs.


These wooden domino and bingo pieces would make really cute earrings and would also be a creative addition to your scrapbooking or other craft projects!

I have bunches of salvaged items available HERE.

Thanks for reading!