New listings!

Here’s a small update of some new listings in my shop!


il_fullxfull.849738620_fyczsGorgeous glass connector beads in blue and green. I also have glass connectors in other shapes and colors!il_fullxfull.847815614_ckygI also listed some new gemstones beads! Above are large aquamarine chip beads in light blue.il_fullxfull.847577205_ne2vNatural ruby in fuchsite teardrop beads in sage green and purple.il_fullxfull.847730758_ltx1Fire agate beads in yellow, gold, and white!

I have plenty of other gemstone beads available HERE!Β Thanks for reading!


Fall Inspiration!

Fall is here! I love the transition from sunny days to cool, overcast skies. Time to get out the cozy sweaters and hot chocolate! I especially love all of the wonderful colors the leaves on trees turn into. Reds, browns, and oranges… so pretty!

In honor of this great season, here are some jewelry crafting inspiration:

il_fullxfull.539004638_nhk9Colorful howlite beads representing the gorgeous colors of this season.il_fullxfull.502465466_fcgnil_fullxfull.754413784_7qbuHere are some other cute leaf charms that would great adornments to your jewelry making this season!

Fall isn’t complete without a little bit of the spookiness of Halloween. I’m more into the cuter aspect of the holiday than the scary! πŸ˜‰

il_fullxfull.486413499_m6njThese howlite skull beads are available in other colors!

il_fullxfull.453451047_ru9sil_fullxfull.754971436_8radAdorable spider and Jack-O-Lantern charms!

Take a look at all of my other beads and jewelry findings HERE! Thanks for reading!


I’m going to switch things up a bit for this week’s post and showcase some of the buttons I’m selling! I absolutely LOVE buttons! They are great for tons of DIY projects like sewing, crafting, and making funky jewelry!

I have both vintage and modern buttons available in my shop!


il_fullxfull.405113861_t98sCute black and white shank buttons!

il_fullxfull.824461035_lj3iIt’s not too late to be thinking about holiday crafting! These cute buttons have images of snowmen, Santa Claus, and reindeer!

il_fullxfull.549493514_jcz7I love these colorful wooden heart beads!

il_fullxfull.776620764_6tnwThese juicy-looking pineapple buttons are adorable and come in a bunch of different colors!


A lot of the vintage buttons available in my shop are still attached to their original cards:

il_fullxfull.523201153_4qa8I love the artwork on these pearl buttons!

il_fullxfull.411495212_6de2Lovely red plastic shank buttons.

il_fullxfull.542497613_bnzoI also offer sets of vintage buttons in a variety of colors! Check out my listings HERE!

Thanks for reading!

Beads of the Week: Glass

There are some new glass bead listings available in my shop that I wanted to share with you. So many lovely colors and styles! (Click on the pictures to take you directly to the listing)

il_fullxfull.823144504_fng4I just love all of these different colors! I can just imagine how awesome and eye-catching these would be if made into earrings!

il_fullxfull.823136722_j2r3Here is another set of beads I recently listed. I love the white and honey gold colors… I think this would make wonderful wedding jewelry!

I also listed bunches of other faceted glass beads. Here are some of my favorites:

il_fullxfull.823103126_1m78il_fullxfull.823097442_59gail_fullxfull.823092040_f2daCheck out bunches of glass beads in my shop HERE. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

Gemstone of the Week: Obsidian

Every week I will do a spotlight on a gemstone available in my shop. This week I will talk about obsidian!

Obsidian is a beautiful volcanic glass. I have available in my shop snowflake obsidian and rainbow obsidian:

il_fullxfull.637913251_k8qzGorgeous snowflake obsidian shaped like stars.

il_fullxfull.606845607_eq32The snowflake appearance in this volcanic glass is produced by internal crystallites formed as lava quickly cooled.

il_fullxfull.709247047_ifwuSnowflake obsidian beads in diamond shapes.

il_fullxfull.595185838_1idjRainbow obsidian is a lightweight volcanic glass with iridescent properties, giving it a subtle sheen in sunlight.

I have many other gemstones available in my shop! Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚